Sunday, June 23, 2013

CABLE CAR PROJECT: Stop blame game and get it done

I REFER to the report "MPS hits brakes on cable car project" (NST, June 13).

I was rather surprised when I read that the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) had issued a stop-work order on the cable car project at Batu Caves.
The disabled community, especially Damai Disabled Persons Association members, have been constantly advocating the need to have cable car services at Batu Caves to cater to disabled devotees.
The project will not only benefit the physically challenged, but also senior citizens and children.
The cable car project will boost tourism as well, as it will allow tourists to enjoy the nature surrounding the temple on their journey to the cave.
I sincerely believe that the hard work and millions of ringgit spent on the project should not be wasted simply because the temple management had failed to obtain the necessary approval.
Ignorance of the law on the part of the temple management is not a good defence.
However, I hope that MPS will help the temple management obtain the relevant approval as soon as possible, taking into consideration the needs of the community.
This is not the time for either the temple management or MPS to play the "blame game".
Nevertheless, the temple management should have ensured that it complied with the necessary rules and regulations before implementing and carrying out the long-awaited project.
It is ridiculous how it could have overlooked such an important requirement.
MPS should also take into consideration the project's benefits to society upon its completion.

V. Murugeswaran, President, Damai Disabled Persons Association Malaysia
The Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Batu Caves. The cable car project will also help boost tourism.

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