Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Shame !!! Ex-Law keeper breaks the rules

The pictures above speak thousand words

The disabled in this country has been facing so many obstacles in carrying out their daily routine. Despite all that, we try our best to live independently with the minimal facilities being provided for us where ever we go. The above pictures were taken at the car park area reserved for disabled drivers at Sunway Pyramid. It took me more than 30 minutes to find a disabled parking lot. Most of the parking lots reserved for disabled are taken and the most frustrating part is that it is taken by “normal” people. It amazes me how irresponsible human being can be at times.

We always complain that the car park reserved for the disabled are being mis-use, the main reason for all this is due to the lack of enforcement by the relevant authorities in this case is the Sunway Pyramid management. The management should clamp a car parked at the designated parking lots which does not have disabled persons sticker.

I have came across so many occasions where car park designated for OKU being mis-used, but yesterday’ incident was indeed a classic one. If you note, the car parked at the OKU parking lots bears a sticker saying “Bekas Penguatkuasa Polis” (No indication that it’s belongs to a disabled person ). How can ex- police officer mis-use facilities provided for the disabled? It is such a humiliation to the police department. I sincerely believe that when one put such stickers on their car they bear huge responsibilities to act in a best manner and be an example for the public at large.

I have put a very “polite” note on his car, hopefully the next time he has an intention of parking his car at places designated for OKU he will come to think of my note .