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Temple’s ruling against tenets of Hinduism


April 15, 2014
FMT LETTER: From V Murugeswraan, via e-mail
I refer to the FMT article, ‘Hindu Sangam flays Sivan temple management’. The temple’s ruling is just another example of how the disabled community is being discriminated, as even access to temple is being curbed. The temple management’s ruling shows how primitive, rigid and inhuman they are.
Places of worship should be made accessible to everyone. There shouldn’t be any form of discrimination just because an individual is on a wheelchair. Like every other human being, disabled people also have the inherent right to surrender to the god.
The temple management’s absurd ruling shows lack of empathy towards the disabled community.cI firmly believe that the decision to bar disabled devotees itself is against the core principle of Hinduism which preaches and practice respect and service to people with disabilities. Hinduism teaches that persons who help others who are poor or disabled attain “puniya” – a step towards heaven.
Therefore, I urge the community which throngs the said temple to show their solidarity in ensuring that such a ruling is done away with immediately.
The writer is president, Damai Disabled Person Association Malaysia
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  • Harry Om
    My temple discriminates against me too. I have diabetes and must wear at least slippers in the temple to protect my feet from sores/foot ulcers that could lead to amputation. My cloth and rubber slippers are only worn in the temple, not outdoors. But, they even made an example out of me by posting signs, "No slippers..." I feel this is discrimination, as people with leather wallets, belts and purses are "ok", even some men and women sit down and show their butt cracks, but my amputation-saving slippers are a no-no. Too bad the powers at be in the temple don't ban liars and finaglers from the temple.
    • Deevagaran Nair ·  Top Commenter · Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
      Temples these days are no longer seen as houses of worship more so being run by men who have the glitter of gold in their eyes. A Hindu temple is now a lucrative place of business with ridiculous charges for even a simple archanai. Temple Committee elections have a heavy hint of politics to it. Come festivals, the ridiculous become the insane as anything we would do in the temple ground has a price upon it.

      So I am not overly surprised by the Sivan Temple Committee, after all, they are only businessmen.
      • Mag Pie ·  ·  Top Commenter
        I am all for hindu temples putting up dress code banners for all who enter the temple proper - including contractors, foreigners, locals themselves both hindus and non hindus - but when necessity calls for a break of these rules it should be discussed.
        • Mag Pie ·  ·  Top Commenter
          The temple in jalan bandar, KL, actually allows chairs for old folks to sit on at weddings held at the temple mount itself (not at the mandabam). How they have pregressed when necessity calls for it.
          • Harry Om
            Agreed, but not fast enough, not tolerant enough.
        • Stanley Stanford ·  Top Commenter
          hindu temples do not do charity to help the poor. they are biz ventures run by greeds who only eye yr money. I'd rather pray n meditate at home.