Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Association gets RM73,000 to upgrade its facilities

BY K. ASHOK Photo by Darran Tan

THE Damai Disabled Persons Association received a major boost when it received RM73,000 fron the International Wine and Food Society Kuala Lumpur.

The society’s three-year interest in the association has led to a major transformation for the latter in terms of utilities and transportation for the disabled.
The society’s secretary Datuk Jeremy Diamond said the funds would help see to the needs of the disabled.
“We are pleased to help the Damai Disabled Persons Association and the money will be used to upgrade their facilities,” he said
He said the funds were raised from a charity dinner held by the society annualy and where auctions were held.
Cash aid: Diamond (left) presenting a cheque to Murugeswaran.Cash aid: Diamond (left) presenting a cheque to Murugeswaran.
Damai Disabled Persons Association president V. Murugeswaran said the funds would be fully utilised to improve the facility and for transportation for the disabled people.
“The cost of living has increased and without the public’s donation, we would be in dire straits,” he said.