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Protest against wheelchair rule

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UNFAIR: The Damai Disabled Person Association Malaysia members are unhappy with temple’s committee for implementing a new rule which prohibits wheelchair-bound worshippers

PETALING JAYA: WHEELCHAIR-BOUND Hindu devotees were shocked when they were told  that they were not allowed to enter the Maha Sivan Alayam Bukit Gasing temple  grounds to pray, just because wheelchairs were no longer allowed there.
This is the blatant discrimination that Aveena Devi, 21, who is wheelchair-bound, had to put up with when she went to the temple recently.
A signboard at the temple states, among others, that wheelchairs are not permitted within its premises.
This ruling prompted members of the Damai Disabled Person Association Malaysia to stage a peaceful protest in front of Sivan temple's entrance gate recently.
Some 70 people including 50 members of the association, with their friends and families, turned up to voice their dissatisfaction over the matter.
Damai Disabled Person Association Malaysia president Murugeswaran Veerasamy, 44, said the peaceful protest was held to take a stand against the temple committee's unfair policy towards the disabled.
"Everyone should be able to go and worship where they want to, according to their own beliefs, whether it is a Hindu or Buddhist temple, mosque or church.
"It is also unfair that some places of worship are not disabled-friendly and bar members of the disabled community from going there to pray," he said.
Murugeswaran claimed that Sivan temple president T. Maharathan had said wheelchair-bound people were not be allowed to pray in the temple because the wheels of the wheelchairs might dirty the temple floor.
He also alleged that the president had cited space and safety issues as reasons for banning wheelchair-bound people from praying in the temple.
"This is not the right thing to do as solutions should be found to allow all Hindu devotees to pray at the temple. The Street, Drainage and Building Act of 1974 clearly states that religious buildings are also included in the list of places that the disabled community should have access to, just like every able-bodied person," he said.
Aveena's father Krishna Kumar, a businessman, said that he had already made a complaint to the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia and would file a lawsuit against the temple and its committee for the unfair ruling.
There was some drama after the press conference ended when Maharathan showed up and expressed his unhappiness at the members of the disabled community and the public for staging the protest.
After seeing that the protesters were not backing down from their demands, Maharathan finally agreed that the signboard outside the temple's gates which states that wheelchair-bound members were barred would be changed soon.
He also agreed to allow Hindu wheelchair members of the community to pray in the temple in future.
Members of Damai Disabled Person Association Malaysia with their friends and family members staging a protest outside the Maha Sivan Alayam Bukit Gasing temple. Pic by Muhd Asyraf Sawal

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sivan temple: Assemblyman seeks amicable solution

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 | April 27, 2014
Rajiv Rishyakaran reaffirms that he is fully committed to carrying out his duties as a state assemblyman without fear or favour.
Rajiv RishyakaranPETALING JAYA: Selangor state assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran pleads to Hindu Sangam to organize a religious discussion between temple officials and the disabled community to reach an amicable solution.
“I urge and plead with the Hindu Sangam to step up to their duty as the representatives of Malaysian Hindus and help organize a theological discussion between both parties so that a solution can be reached,” Rajiv said.
He explained that the discussion will certainly clear up the lingering matters that both the disabled community and the temple officials are dealing with.
“They should have a calm and rational dialogue taking into account different issues or ideas and come to a respectful resolution,” he added.
Rajiv said this in response to the Disabled Persons Association Of Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan’s (Damai) peaceful protest yesterday morning at the foothills of the Bukit Gasing Sivan temple which ended with verbal arguments between them and the temple president.
“This is a sensitive issue. Government officials should not dictate how a religious body conducts its business. It will lead to all sorts of problems.
“This is an issue which must be solved within the community itself,” he pointed out.
Rajiv also urged other temple associations to weigh in on the matter.
“It is best to have other temples engage the Bukit Gasing Sivan temple so that an exchange of ideas and solutions can come to pass,” he proposed.
Meanwhile, Rajiv further said that he was in touch with the temple and that this issue must be solved within the community.
“I am in touch with the temple and that this is an issue which must be solved within the community itself and that other temple associations ought to weigh in and assist in the matter.
Rajiv gave assurance that he is fully committed to carrying out his duties as a state assemblyman without fear or favour.
Editor’s note: The original headline ‘Sivan temple: Assemblyman fears ISA’ has been changed to the present headline following Rajiv’s clarification that he had not expressively mentioned the ISA in his comments to FMT. The first headline was an interpretation of the context of what he had said about the Teresa Kok-azanincident. We regret for the inconvenience caused.
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  • Kelly Kelly ·  Top Commenter · Labuan
    Don't talk like a coward. How sensitive is this??? Stopping the disabled from visiting a Holy Place of Worship. Why mention about ISA ???? Is this a criminal act ??? Are you saying this just to cover your black ass.!!!
    • Barney Muthu ·  Top Commenter · SGI Taiping Perak
      Rajiv Rishyakaran, if you fear ISA please tender your resignation as an Assemblyman and state your grounds for the reason. We do not need cowards and silent Assembly men to represent Malaysians. If you do not have the guts to face the enemy please leave so that we can pick someone who is brave and have the caliber to fight on for the rakyaat. You have wasted your time by only heating the chair and not doing what you are suppose to do. I take of my hat for a lady like Teresa Kok for her ability to face the tyrant regime without fear for her own safety. Its people like her that we want and not a coward who only thinks of his own safety.
      • Nor Ashikin Binti Ibrahim ·  Top Commenter · Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC)
        we don't need a coward like you, please resign.......this is a Hindu Temple Issue and not a Mosque issue......and the Gov of the day doesn't give two hoots for these sort of issues as it involves a Indian place of Worship........to be honest, I see that you are not fit to be a wakil Rakyat........take for an example the TIGER OF JELUTONG.....he is not shit scared at all.....!! he is the TIGER WITH STEEL BALLS.......so if you can't live up to that bravery, please resign, and spend more quality time with your family.........!!!! probably Teresa can take over your place.......you are a Wakil Rakyat, and here you are Pleading with HINDU SANGHAM........what a joke.....!!!
      • Hoffman Red ·  Top Commenter · Universiti Tenaga Nasional
        You are an state assemblyman yet you are showing how stupid you are. How come DAP can choose you to be a state assemblyman. Teresa issue is muslim issue. This is Hindu issue. Dont try to say the Malaysia goverment is so good to the extent of involve in Hindu issue and arrest you in ISA Nobody will bother about it. Even your DAP or Pakatan. So dont go around the bush. In fact there are many people are happy because it is a Hindu issue. You cant settle yet try to use excuse
        • Laura Joseph ·  · Project Manager at Blitz Events And Management
          he wants the glamour of being the assemblyman but not the responsibilities that go with it
          • Vesuanathan Suppiah ·  Top Commenter · Works at CCR Networks Sdn Bhd
            Dear Adun , this is a very straight forward issue , you will never land in ISA ? what ISA are you talking about now? The spot is in your kawasan and as people's representative you should have initiated a talk. Do you know that Damai has engaged with temple some 5 months ago - the talk failed!, Hindu Sangam rep was not even there during the peaceful protest . Please wake up and have some guts boy.
            • Tom Pereira ·  Top Commenter · SMK Ahmad Boestamam
              The function of an assembly man is to deal with issues that may not be popular, and to do that which is right; that is why voters turned up lined up in the sun or rain , came in wheelchairs to choose you to represent them, if within you there is fear to lead. then stop let another take ur place. to say you are afraid of the ISA an act that is no longer in existence is a joke and a cowardly act.all these people are from your constituency You must find a way to resolve this not pass it to someone else.
              • Lavaniyan Nathan Jothy ·  ·  Top Commenter · University of Wolverhampton
                wat a pussy,,,come on,, looking at you I know ready u just another representative who use his title to get benefits,,,
                • Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan ·  ·  Top Commenter · President at Petpositive
                  Rajiv Rishyakaran, you just simply don't get it at all do you? And it's really pathetic to see that neither to your so called "advisers" in the DAP who haven't had the courage to speak up. It's all about showing your solidarity with the disabled citizens of Petaling Jaya who voted for you. Do you need to be in a wheelchair and chased out of a temple or church or whatever before you understand? Stop passing the buck young man. Grow some. Get your councillor Cynthia Gabriel and wheelchair councillor Sia Siew Chin to join you in making a statement that MBPJ is committed to zero tolerance on discrimination on any persons with a disability. Then issue them a warning letter to remove the offending signboard and comply with the building bylaws requirement that all buildings should be disabled friendly from wheelchair carparks to ramps and toilets. If it is not followed, there will be no approval or renewal of licenses. It is unthinkable of you to pass the buck and let a few narrow minded bigoted people to decide the fate of disabled worshipers. Shame on you. Shame on your DAP advisers who refuse to speak up. And most important of all, it is a crying shame to the memory of the late great legend Karpal Singh who was in a wheelchair. (At least Prof Rama from Penang spoke up for the disabled.)
                  • Kumaresh Abhayadatta · The University Of Sheffield
                    Threatening to not renew the licence might spark riots or at least protests. Malaysians are generally quick to jump and rarely think things through. Perhaps a slower, more cautious approach is exactly what is needed now? I mean, in a moderate society there should be no problem. But in Malaysia there is always some backlash. Even when doing the just thing. Just one man's opinion though.
                  • Shanmughanathan Ponnambalam · Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
                    This issue is Not something New!...I understand that it has been there for sometime...all the time when Anthony Siva Balan was a Councillor for 4and a half years too. With All his years of Experience, Anthony Siva Balan should come up with a Practical 'Action Plan' of sorts to tackle this issue, remembering that mixing Religion with Politics, could become a potent explosive mix!...and if you add Race to the equation make it just inflammable too!...So what is your suggestion Anthony Siva Balan?
                • Selvam Letchumanan ·  Top Commenter · Open University Malaysia
                  • Tu Pak Kwai ·  ·  Top Commenter
                    Rajiv - you are not acting like a leader that have won an election from the people - you are behaving like a coward, a messenger boy and at best an organizer. Stand up and be a leader or step down. A lady like Teresa has more balls than you
                    • Kam Teow Eng ·  Top Commenter
                      ISA has frightened many people, no doubt. But if there is always fear, nothing is going to work, good or bad and there will be lots of unresolved issue. Thanks to this bloody BN government, the people remain cowed but the burning desire to see an end to this government remains.
                      • Prem Kumar Mathavan ·  Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed
                        If you are afraid to speak up, quit.
                        • Radha Govindasamy · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                          If you are afraid of ISA (which has been repealed) then you are not fit to be an assemblyman. You should have known that with great power comes great reponsibility. If you cant deliver, just resign. I am sure there are many capable leaders out there who can replace you. This is not a religious issue. Get your facts right. Do proper research before you even open your mouth. This is about discrimination against pwds and sheer arrogance of the temple managment. How can one equate a person on a wheelchair to slippers? Stop insulting the intelligence of the voters!!
                          • Gurcharan Singh ·  ·  Top Commenter
                            what nonsesne is this man talking!He is a coward simply.Any house of prayer stopping the disabled from entering or accessing is not worth to be a house of prayer.It is as sismsple as that.There are also many others the people can attend too.Let such unsympathtic places dwell in their own problems.But efforts should be made to allow all an access.
                            • Poobalan Kuppusamy ·  Top Commenter · Works at I beam bar
                              Temple is a place of worship & , it is where we seek God,s blessings regardless of saints & sinners.If the temple rules who should pray, then....that temple has no divine presence in it! We might as well stay home & pray.
                              • Fight for Justice
                                As long as Khalid is MB Selangor, be strong to face many more upcoming problems, looks like Selangor was safe with BN.
                                • Deligannu Allagan ·  Top Commenter · University of London External/International Programme - Philosophy
                                  This guy is 'chicken-hearted' and needs sarees. What has mosques got to do in this temple issue?
                                  • Rajiv Rishyakaran ·  · State Secretary at DAPSY Selangor · 215 subscribers
                                    Posted 2 days ago

                                    A lot of people have wondered where I stand regarding the controversial temple in PJ banning wheelchairs in the inner prayer area.

                                    This issue was first highlighted over 2 weeks ago (April 9th) to me and MBPJ. I contacted the temple chairman to clarify, and in the following few days I spoke to him a number of times, including making a visit up to the temple to see for myself which parts of the temple wheelchairs are allowed (they are allowed into the premises, but not into the inner prayer area) and where they are not.

                                    I fully understand and feel for the disabled community in this matter. They have already been dealt a tough hand, and to be penalised or excluded for that disability, its beyond horrible.

                                    Some have asked for MBPJ to intervene. I have given that great thought. I have also discussed this with... See More
                                    • Gill S. Manjit ·  Top Commenter · Lausanne, Switzerland
                                      Another coward self serving useless piece of crap, That is the dumbest statement to come from any politician. If scared of your own shadow please resign. WE NEED PROBLEM SOLVERS NOT A pen pusher. Huge mistake. You have not only embarrassed yourself, but you have betrayed the trust given to you by the PJ voters. If we wanted Ball-less Jackasses, we could have voted for MIC. So please resign. You instead of solving problems are a major PROBLEM.
                                      • Vanessa Nadason ·  ·  Top Commenter
                                        What is there to discuss??? This is a temple of God. No one should be barred or stopped from entering the temple. As to the temple officials - it doesn't take long for you to be in the disabled shoes too!!!! So respect them as you want to be respected and take your stupid regulations somewhere else!!!
                                        • Wui Seng Lim
                                          rajiv,haven't your chairman tiger of jelutong said that if any assemblyperson or MP of the opposition who is not prepared to go jail should not join politics!!!!!
                                          • Charlieq Charlieq ·  Top Commenter · Kluang High School
                                            The benchmark of yb's in DAP,is they welcome such discriminates action,You are a pure COWARD n not fif to be a DAP yb.shame on you..just resign n nothing will happen
                                            • Charlieq Charlieq ·  Top Commenter · Kluang High School
                                              DAP made the biggest blunder by putting you as a candidates.There are thousands out
                                              there who are not afraid to be lock up...why pick you ????????????
                                              • Christopher Krishnan ·  Top Commenter
                                                Spoken like a small boy who totally lacks the coherence, logics and rationality over the real issue at hand. For your sake Rajiv, I hope this is an oversight.
                                                • Mahen Indran ·  Top Commenter · Club Manager at RSC
                                                  ISA is introduced to self protect oneself from embrassement of truth and reality, only cowards go for ISA cos they have made mistakes along the way.
                                                  • David Ang · Kuching High School
                                                    You should resign. Don't be politician you are afraid to suffer for the cause of the people.
                                                    • Lee Ching ·  ·  Top Commenter · Uniten
                                                      kalau takut masuk ISA jgn jadi assemblyman. No point for voting u to represent us if u r so coward. 
                                                      • Karthikeson Pon Ramakrishnan · S.M.K. Clifford, Kuala Kangsar, Perak
                                                        Well,then you shouldnt come to Politics...............
                                                        • Reuben Chan
                                                          I think it is unfair to shoot Rajiv without giving him a chance to explain.
                                                          • Tan Soon Leong ·  Top Commenter · Victoria Institution
                                                            Rajiv, don't use the ISA as an excuse! Just say you are inept or got no balls!
                                                            • Gerardo Coup ·  Top Commenter
                                                              an elected rep fearing the ISA? Go join scumno and bee end then!
                                                              • Raju Reddie ·  Top Commenter · SMK Anderson Ipoh
                                                                ISA, its utter nonsense!
                                                                • Ken Slong ·  Top Commenter
                                                                  Lousy assembly man.
                                                                  • Stanislaus Anthony ·  Top Commenter · University of Malaya
                                                                    • Arumugam Vadivel ·  Top Commenter · University of Malaya
                                                                      Rajiv prefer to organize Teh Tarik session rather then organize any event to resolve the temple issue. This happen when inexperience community leader chosen. I saw no improvement in Gasing since he won the election. Rather he prefer show his face for nonsense function then for important issue.Just say you dont have guts to open your mouth.
                                                                      • Vanan Vanan ·  Top Commenter · Director at My Own Trading Company
                                                                        You scare to carry out your duty that's why you use ISA as excuses. Most temple have disable lane to go into the temple, I think this president and the management of temple have some attitude problem. Where got people not allowed disable people into the temple, mostly people welcome them.
                                                                        • Kalaivani Muthu · Works at Ministry of Health Malaysia
                                                                          Its a real shame that DAP Selangor chose u as their candidate in the first place when there were more courageous candidates to choose from? DAP Selangor any comments on this?
                                                                          • Rajiv Rishyakaran ·  · State Secretary at DAPSY Selangor · 215 subscribers
                                                                            Absolute nonsense. I have not and did not say that I'm afraid of ISA. The issue of ISA did not arise at all. FMT must withdraw this immediately
                                                                            • Tom Pereira ·  Top Commenter · SMK Ahmad Boestamam
                                                                              FMT must withdraw statements that is not true. be professional in your writing .
                                                                              • Guna Guna ·  Top Commenter · SMK St.George,Taiping,Perak
                                                                                kick him out,not worth a single cent,