Thursday, November 3, 2011

Successful DET-DRST Training of Trainers course held at AirAsia Academy from 17th Oct - 21st Oct,2011

The DET-DRST Training of Trainers course went on smoothly and was a great success! The 5-day training involved a total of 31 participants of various disabilities from 3 countries ie 12 from Thailand, 12 from Indonesia and 7 from Malaysia (PAs included).

The DET-DRST Training of Trainers course was co-organised by BEAT and AIRASIA with the support of JICA. BEAT also had the support of APCD (Thailand) and CBR DTC (Indonesia) which helped coordinate the training team from their respective country.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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24/10/2011 - Group wants aerobridges at KLIA 2

PETALING JAYA: A group of disabled persons has insisted that the aerobridges were essential at the new KL International Airport 2 (KLIA 2).

About 150 of them gathered at the Taman Jaya Park to make known their stand that the aerobridges were essential for safe boarding and disembarkation of passengers with special needs.

Last month, the Cabinet deferred its decision on the installation of aerobridges at KLIA 2 pending further studies on the matter.

Group spokesman V. Muruges­waran said the long walking distance and ramps leading to the planes were difficult to use and unsafe during bad weather, especially for children, pregnant women and the el-derly.

“We are willing to pay if there is an additional charge for the aerobridges. What we are angry about is that MAHB (Malaysia Airports Hol­dings Bhd) is not even offering the option.

“As an international airport, KLIA 2 surely must have international standard facilities,” said Muruges­waran, who is the president of the Selangor and Federal Territory Da­­mai Handicapped Association.

Beauty consultant Cheong Li Wem, 27, said in line with budget airlines’ “pay for what you use” approach, there should be an option on the use of aerobridges.

“While able-bodied people should be given the option to board with or without an aerobridge, this facility should be made available to the disabled,” she said.